Well to start off this Blog was started to share what and how we are doing/feeling from day to day. I honestly do not know the first thing about setting up a web site,( Thank God for YouTube) even with these tutorials I’m having a time trying to figure this all out, but what I have figured out is that I needed, wanted to talk about any and everything as far as day to day issues. My best friend and I have realized that we are not alone. I, well we have a lot to share and hopefully find others that can relate and also use this Blog as a platform to talk about anything without fear of being judged. I previously wrote 500 plus words and tried to add it and lost 3/4 of it, but because my mind never stops, there is NO PAUSE BUTTON, I will be able to continue my thoughts and feelings about whatever comes to mind. Oh, did I mention that I’m ADHD, among some other letters. I’m tired, I’m going to go to bed and continue this tomorrow. Good Night!

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