Hello, So I was thinking about this fact…. we are all hunters…..Hunters of…….. somewhere , something, someone………or hunting for answers to deep seeded questions or just hunting …..just because. So we hunt,…. find or fail, we continue. Because there are so many unanswered questions, so many “that shit don’t make sense”&”gotta get the truth” urges. SO MANY, SO MANY, SO MANY…..questions to ask, answers needed,validation needed(something you should never need from anyone to feel whole, to feel anything(GOD GIVES YOU THAT)) “VALIDATE YOURSELF” You don’t need anyone to make you feel worthy. Honestly, if you can’t feel worthy for yourself, to yourself, then how in the fuck are you going to be worthy to anyone else, for anyone else……IF YOU FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON FIND IT EASY TO BE WORTHY TO OTHERS BEFORE YOURSELF……THIS IS WHAT I NEED YOU TO DO , LIKE RIGHT NOW, ……GET THE FUCK OFF THE SITE AND GOOGLE A THERAPIST….NOW!!!!! NOOOOO, BETTER YET…..PRAY ON THAT THING!!! PRAY FOR UNDERSTANDING OF SELF….. Don’t get me wrong , I know it’s great to do for others, be there for others etc. Give something to someone you actually wanted to keep or buy for yourself but you put their needs and/or feelings before yourself and that is being amazing, but if you aren’t taking care of you then you won’t be around for others. People need to see that confidence, self validation from you in order to believe it. We do not believe people because of what they say, we believe people on how it made us feel. So in order to get a point across completely you must believe it……..Or at least believe you believe it….All i’m saying is taking care of you makes it so much more possible to help and take care of others. I’ll be back, just continue to…… BE AMAZING!

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