YES YES YES ! So this is what I am currently focusing on, believing in myself, to stop pushing my ideas aside because i feel there is nobody to help me, to show me how to properly us this gift. THIS GIFT——-We all have gifts, I think so anyway, how there used is a whole other topic of discussion. Now, hopefully in your life time you acknowledge them, can you believe that some people go their whole lives never even realizing their gift. Some ignore it, some embrace it, some are afraid of it, some hold on to it for dear life, some abuse it, some pimp it out, and some use it to entice others. I’ve probably have use almost all of those in my life. See my life was not bad, but it wasn’t great either. At this point in my life at the age of 53 I’m am reinventing myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE myself , it’s just there are A LOT of thing about me, my way, my actions, the way I talk, the way I walk, my posture, that I would love to address, that I am addressing. Just the way I carry myself and respond to stuff. I know it looks like a lot, and it is, but it won’t be work it will be a natural transition. She believed she could, that’s the serious part. You must believe in YOU…F F F what anyone else thinks because at the end of the day, guess who’s there…YOU! See my transition is happening because I WANT IT TO. These are things I want to adjust. See I LOVE ME SOME ME—–but there are things that need an adjustment, some major some minor and some we are just going keep it like it T I is. I’m sort of in the COULD AND SHE DID..part of this powerful statement. I’m doing while the adjustment is taking place. I really hope you enjoy my post . Because it’s the core of me. I don’t have to be careful of what I need to say because this is my spot. : )

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