So, I’m sitting here telling myself you need to post, to be consistent. So here I am posting and I don’t really have anything on me at the moment. I did start a new schedule last night. I’m taking on a task and before I speak on it I want it to be stable first. Well I’m feeling a bit better. I did mention that I broke my shoulder. Well sleeping is the most difficult task to accomplish these days. Trying to get in some kind of comfort giving position is close, closer, closest to impossible. I take something to help me fall asleep but that back fires most times because most thing effect me opposite of how it’s supposed to work. Yeah, you guessed it I have that wonderful energy driven, get on most folks nerves, get’s on my nerves affliction ADHD., this is why this blog is so important to and for me, for other me’s out here in this very selfish world, this unpredictable, this world that tries to make someone with a disability fell less than. We could never be less than , we could never front, because this is who we are, we will never stop being unique, so unique and brilliant than most could never comprehend what we deal with just to deal. You have to be amazingly unique, creative and brilliant to tame these disability demons. Always feeling out of place , feeling out of place in you own skin. Having so much on in your mind and thinking about nothing. Well, this is how I feel sometimes. But back to the point, I would love to be read by everyone, and folks identifying with what I’m talking about. Be Back…..BE AMAZING !!!

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