O-KayKayKay….I weight in at 195 this morning, down from 205. Starting week 2 and my weight fluctuates between 202-205 so the loss is real, the struggle is real but so doable. My dad keeps coming to mind, ” If you have something to get done, just do it!” So we are on some hard core dad quotes and really understanding the meaning. it’s deeper than most believe it is, for me anyway. For my dad it’s cut and dry…DONE and DONE !!! I always stay honest in my post , I have to because this is for me more than you. I just have hopes that their are others that enjoy my “NUPENESS”….there’s no better name for my uniqueness. My NUPENESS is a combination of what I was born into, my choices, and who I am as a result of a gazillion amazing moments, some good and some not so, but they ALL make up my make up ! O-kaykaykay….So I just needed to give myself a shout out for my consistency … so, YOU GO GIRL !!!! BE AMAZING !

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