Good afternoon, today I am talking about men. Men and their untruths’…So I met someone and it was nice . Went out on a few little dates and then we got to know one another for a minute. That too was good. Talk every now and then…mostly text messages. OK, he;s a busy man so i was cool with that form of communication…for a minute…..See you once a week, guess that was my day and I say this because that what it felt like.I pay very close attention to what my guide tells me,I may not listen all then time , but it’s there. That feeling of “OH SHIT” why am I doing this, or I should have listened to my inner self …. That scene of….. knowing before hand feeling…..Just that feeling of you shouldn’t….. and you go ahead and ignore your God self inside you. Why do we continue to do that….don’t even act like you don’t know what I’m talking about …..cause as soon as you go against it …you know… you know damn well you shouldn’t be in the situation your in had you listened to your God self. I just lost my train of thought, hold on, I’ll be right back…..Okay, I’m good……So back to me,,,lol,,,met an amazingish (NEW WORD) guy , was feeling him, common interest and all that. But when I call you at 4 pm on Wednesday and get no response to calls nor text messages… finely get you on the phone Thursday at 11:00 am and he’s talking like all is mother fucking well…NO NO NO ….I’m feeling some type of way right now. i’ll kick it with you later or in the morning. and you know what to do……….. :BE AMAZING!

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