I GOT HACKED (06/10/2019)

So it’s been a while, shit, it’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted a blog and I have some REALLY GOOD EXPLANATIONS as to why this is. Where do I start, Okay, first of all I just wasn’t great at keeping up with stuff. Second I had brain surgery. Thirdly, I GOT HACKED. Now out of all my reasons this one throws even me. I GOT FUCKIN’ HACKED!!!!! i don’t understand why. I don’t have anything to do with personal info, email info, and I do not handle currency. SOOOOOOO why hack me????? Oh well it happened and all I can do now is continue my quest here. I have to retype ALL of my post now and I know your thinking ” did she say she had brain surgery?” Yes I did, On May 8th and I am home doing extremely well. There was a tumor on my skull that had to be removed and biopsied , and everything is “GROOVY”. I’m totally focused now, maybe when they removed that tumor they unblocked something because I do feel a bit more uplifted. I also met someone, I’d been Praying as well as Meditating for this to happened when the time was right but more importantly when they were right and knew they were ready. It’s seems as if all is well but only time will tell, so although I am crazy about his person I’m chill wit it because I’ve had too many fuckin’ alarms that i’d ignore because I didn’t see the smoke, I am tired of running towards and remembering where all the doors and exits are just to be led back into some bullshit, if that makes any sense to you cause it make damn good sense to me…lol…anyway just thought i’d update this blog as to what is and has gone on with me….Talk soon!

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