Hey I’m back, So about all of us being hunters is so true, just think about it….OH….YOU BE HUNTIN’……LOL….hunters of LOVE, JOY,PEACE,UNDERSTANDING,RESPECT…..Hunt for the one who really gets you, needs you, wants you…..Hunting for that feeling of ” I’m so fuckin’ happy”, that feeling of you can’t wait to get home to be with your people. It’s a lot different than the feeling of trying to stay out as long and late as possible to avoid your people….Well I’m looking for, or should I say waiting for that other half of me to present themselves, because I know your out there. Out there just waiting for this, loving, spontaneous, amazingly crazy, fun, exciting , (understanding and a lot more), wonderful woman to enhance your life. I’m sure their out there, because just as God made Eve for Adam, God made Lisa for _____________________. So I’ve met one person , well know someone for , well since I was 8 and we’d find one another and then lose contact and after damn near 30 years we are back in contact. See I knew years ago that he was it but I wasn’t ready, but I am now. God is AMAZING! ……NEVER DOUBT THAT! Well what are you hunting for? Whatever it is tell me about it in the comment section, I’d love to hear you.

BE AMAZING…………………………..JAGGY…..that’s me! : )

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