sO, i GET UP THIS MORNING AT 4 AM, DIDN’T ….OH SHIT, I LEFT the cap lock on…ok, so i get up super early , and I’m like , “Earl, what the are you doing up so early…..get it???? Hence “””EARL”””as in too damn early, shit it was funny at the time….Ok, so yeah, I’m up, made coffee, fed the animals, yes I said ”’ANIMALS”’, later, meaning that’s when we will bring that subject back up…..Ok, yeah, so I’m up all ” Bitch on defense” so I do my little chores. Oh, yeah, so you thought I did this all Lottie dah , hell NO! I’m high ……Oh, yeah, so I left out the part where I grind down the????????let’s call it “pepper”, Oh, yeah, so I grind down the “pepper” ,, Oh, yeah, so they say it’s good for you ….My water is boiling, speaking of water boiling I just watched a YouTube video on how to make pepper oil and you boil it in water, see how my mind just goes….LMAO… Oh, yeah , so I grind the pepper in order to add it to the lovely prepared placement i have waiting for it. Oh, yeah, so it’s a completely adorn combination, indeed Ole Chap…..LLLLMMMAAAOOO…but, yeah so that’s the start of my day . I’m also selling off my sneakers, in which “I MUST BE HIGH” but yeah, I have too much excess,, gotta go. PLUS, I’M BROKE….LMAO…………KEEP IT TIGHT!!!

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