Good Morning 06/11/2019

Good Morning & Blessings to you all and all those you love and care about. I hope you remind them how much you do. Later, tomorrow, tonight, the next minute is not guaranteed, so don’t put it off, and PLEASE DO NOT SEND A TEXT. Call and hear their voice and allow them to hear yours. What happened to the days when you received cards in the mail, letters, invites etc.???? And fuck that “times have changed” bullshit, taking time out of your oh so busy day to buy card, write your feeling inside, put it in an envelope, address it, stick a stamp on it………..OH NO, do you still know where to purchase a stamp????? Oh yeah that’s right….who has time to run to the Post Office?????? I know who>>>>>YOUR AZZZZZ! Don’t you even remember how excited you got to receive mail from a loved one????? As a child, kid, teen, shit even as an adult. Shit……do you have someone in your family or close friend that’s locked up.?..Okay we bout to warp into a whole other dimension now on the mail tip. When your locked up ( I know all about this) mail is like the free government cheese line, like waiting for your winning lottery numbers to be called, shit it’s like KNOWING SOMEONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU……THAT’S WHAT IT’S REALLY LIKE!!! accepting a collect call, puttin’ money on the books, all that’s find and mutha’ fuckin dandy, really. But something about getting mail…IS THE SHIT!!!! All those other things mean so much but to know someone took the time to sit their ass down and write you…YOU DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND! When your cut off from the world, IT’S EVERYTHING! So Good Morning …get your day going….do something nice for a stranger…hug a tree. shit…hug yourself….BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT YOUR GOING THROUGH..IT WILL GET BETTER…BELIEVE THIS AND IT WILL BE SO!!!

Damn, I feel like I’m gonna POP, I have so much to talk about, so much to share and hopefully you will share back, relate, inspire and always be FUCKIN’ AMAZING!

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