Hello……I hope someones reading this ?????So I have been away for a minute. Didn’t go anyway, just haven’t been posting. But, I’m again going to say, I’LL DO BETTER! I’ll try my best, I love posting my feelings, opinions, experiences, and whatever else I feel like talking about. My only hope is that someone can identify>>>>>identify with my hurt, My confusion, my happiness, my fears, my experiences , my love, my not so love(LOL) , my feeling some type of way, my not knowing how I feel, my addictions, my past addictions,my WFT’s, my *lostness (i know it’s not a word, but it is what it is) my awareness, my unawareness, my *slothanism, my shyness, my boldness, my STUFF! I have a hard time sometimes admitting to myself, my truths, my lies, my life! So with that being said……IT’S A NEW DAY!!!! Treat everyday as such, if it happened yesterday, LEAVE IT THERE! Leave things where they lay. What I’m talking about here are things I need to put into practice all the time myself. It only cause’s stress and unnecessary turmoil. Let’s start being about peace for one’s self. See when you hold on to stuff it gets stuffier, so open the window it let out!

FOCUS ON YOU AND YOUR WELL-BEING, what’s best for you, what can bring you a little piece of mind, what will help you sleep better at night is what it ALL BOILS DOWN TO! BE SELFISH, in order TO GET “YOU” RIGHT! because in reality if your not right , nothing is going to be right, RIGHT……….seriously! Home, work, kids, spouse will all be effected by you and your shit!(go to the bathroom already, let that shit go) live in the NOW, not in the NOW WHAT? always trying to figure out what to do about probably something you really have no control over, but you harbor it. LET IT GO! Your hurting yourself ! and maybe the ones around you. But, this is about you….LOVE YOURSELF ALL THE WAY, IN EVERYTHING! This is for me more than you think, the things I’m writing about, these are thing I need to practice as well, and this is the way I do it….post, than do! Some are successful, others not so much, but it NEVER stops me from trying over and over again..THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!

*LOSTNESS > THE FEELING OF NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO NEXT, how you feel about a certain feeling, action, event…etc.

*SLOTHANISM > Knowing that you have a task to complete but moving extremely slow in accomplishing it.

*GET LIGHT > Letting go of negative things that consume you,(stop holding yourself back)…GET LIGHT, GET RIGHT!

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