I am the President of the Self Doubt club. As much as my mind is on hyper drive, I have so many amazing ideas and mostly they come to me when I’m asleep or about to go to sleep. When your very relaxed. Now sometimes I remember them and sometimes I don’t, BUT, when i wake up I know I had this amazing idea but can never remember them. Now I have times where I have gotten up to write it down so I can remember, those were mostly writings, or songs. Do you have somewhere where you write stuff to yourself? My problem is if i write it on just a piece of paper and put it somewhere so I can remember where it is,i forget where that was. So I have a notebook now.

My self doubt derives from childhood and as a teenager.( i will share about that in another post) It seems like as an adult it shouldn’t bother me or affect me still. People are so quick to tell you ” That’s the past, just leave it alone”, So easy for one that wasn’t affected by it to say that. The little girl in me is still healing and actually this blog is one of the ways that helps.
I had doubt about doing this blog, voice telling me, just leave it alone , it’s not going to be heard, you don’t know what your doing, no one wants to hear what you have to say, you’ll never finish getting it done, All that and more and I was second guessing myself but my soul was telling me that it has to be done, not just for me but for you too.,

I have so much to share with you and I would so much like to know if you relate, how you feel.

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