Good Morning….First off remember today and everyday to be AMAZING. I don’t care what type of life your living, how little or how much you have, and if your having a fucked up day…just BE AMAZING….it will change your life because no matter how awful you feel, how awful you allowed someone else to make you feel(because no one can make you feel anything , no one is in control of you but you…remember this!) YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO GO THERE, IN GREAT AND NOT SO GREAT EVENTS …. LOVE, ANGRY, RAGE,EXCITEMENT ETC….Okay, just wanted to share that bit of wisdom.

So about the title….lmao….Dealing with a drought of any kind is nerve racking, but my drought is a first for me….i ran out of broccoli, for real, shit i eat my veggies E V E R Y D A Y …..thank goodness i save my stalks….for the first time in forever i had to eat the stalks. Now….the stalks are the shit when that’s all you have. So yeah, that held me until this morning and that’s where it got tricky. Didn’t have my piece of broccoli sitting by the bed this morning….DAMN…. sometimes I don’t even want it but knowing it’s there makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. So what did I do….REALLY… you already know…I went mutha fucking grocery shopping to the farmers market. Had to get through 4 vendors…3 in one place ….before I got the broccoli. “I’M GOOD GOOD NOW! I think I am, I haven’t tried it yet so I may not be good… We will do a follow up later today just to confirm or deny.

So….some other shit, actually I sitting here trying to figure out why I added that in the title cause all I remember I was about to talk about was my lack of problem. I’ll be back, I’m gonna go ahead and try this , eat something and i will return.

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