I’M TALKING ABOUT BREAST CANCER!!! Something I have FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE OF…… So i just asked if BC had a gender what would it be and why????? .Like one of those damn test questions. Please use complete sentences…LOL Well see now this has me thinking, because I’ve had first hand experience with Mr.or Mrs. BC. I think it’s female first of all because men are not going to mess with them. He may mess with them in a way that he pays for an enlargement but he’s not going hurt them. He may even be an “ass” man but he is not going to hurt the bouncin’ boobs. See although he may be that ass man it’s the boobs that let him know he’s slamin’ it from the jerk of the boob, how big or small the boobs jump gives him that “oh yeah i’m all up in this” . They depend on the boobs because they know we lie, those moans may mean a little but the boob jump confirms it all, for them anyway. Because, just cause you hitting it hard and fast does not mean we like it, remember, slow and steady wins the race. Anywho, back to the boobs and why i think if it had a gender it’d be male. Also, men love the look of a woman’s body, the way both, the boobs and ass protrude in our garments. The way that deep cleavage make that dress sit right. The way it all comes together. But what he doesn’t know is in the summer, shit anytime, how hot we get holding those babies up in a bra. How, for some, heavy they can get and how HARD it is to find the perfect bra. Because if your large and don’t use the correct support, those large up high lovelies will become waist walkers, Ok…………. I’m going to continue this subject later….BE AMAZING!

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