Just A Little

Hi Everyone. I am appreciative to Lisa for inviting me. I must admit she is a very persistent and I guess it worked, I was actually brainstorming and trying to come up with a story that i needed to write for this creative writing class. I think it was the person in charge of this blog that led me here….I never mean to put anyone off when the ask me especially Lisa. I dont really know what to say. I dont want to come off too altruistic.I can tell you that I am aspiring writer. I want to explore all genres with any and every opportunity. Right now I am trying to figure out if I want my first project to be nonfiction or fiction. As I am pondering I see an intro to a movie simultaneously,and across the screen was my answer. The message said : this movie was inspired by true events but the names and locations have been changed in order to protect their identities. Right there in that moment I was clear. I did not want circumvent the story of my life, My life. I donot want to hurt people on purpose with my words but if there is something that needs to be illuminated and quickly radicate the useful things and decimate the rest. That is the only way I can have peace about writing things about the people I love. And the writing industry has alot of boxes they would like me in, Fiction, Non fiction, Documentary, and/or autobiography. I must say Lisa is way more interesting than me. I guess I am a bit altruistic after all. I would feel guilty if i did this on a regular basis only because I can be working on my stuff and I dont know who reads the site. What if I say some things that are very profound or just down right philosophical. I am paranoid someone would want to do that. I have lost 20 yrs of journal writings. It was my life. Bottom line It was all that truly mattered to me. i dont know if i had a chance to grieve when it happend, but its definitely fresh wound now. I dont know how to end this so I will stop here. +wae+


O-KayKayKay….I weight in at 195 this morning, down from 205. Starting week 2 and my weight fluctuates between 202-205 so the loss is real, the struggle is real but so doable. My dad keeps coming to mind, ” If you have something to get done, just do it!” So we are on some hard core dad quotes and really understanding the meaning. it’s deeper than most believe it is, for me anyway. For my dad it’s cut and dry…DONE and DONE !!! I always stay honest in my post , I have to because this is for me more than you. I just have hopes that their are others that enjoy my “NUPENESS”….there’s no better name for my uniqueness. My NUPENESS is a combination of what I was born into, my choices, and who I am as a result of a gazillion amazing moments, some good and some not so, but they ALL make up my make up ! O-kaykaykay….So I just needed to give myself a shout out for my consistency … so, YOU GO GIRL !!!! BE AMAZING !


So it’s Friday, that honestly means NOTHING to me because I work EVERYDAY!!! As I suppose most do, but, the good thing about today, for me, is tomorrow is Saturday. That’s when I go do the flea market so that’s good. I think I’ll stay local this weekend. I’d been going out to Columbia US 1 market, but I really need to do a 2 for this weekend. That’s selling at 2 flea markets in one day, Springfield & Orangeburg. Okay, hit cha back soon… BE AMAZING!!!


Yeah, so my wonderful daughter paid my cell phone bill for me. Now I know to some that may sound crazy messed up but you need to understand that until you live how I live, where I live, what I live, why I live, WHO I live, you could NEVER have an understanding of the life of those that live off a monthly check , a weekly check, shit, bi-weekly check….with no other means of income, no savings. So we grind best we can and help one another, well my daughter and I do. I have to really need it if i ask for her help. Because “YES” I’m the mother, but I’,m human too. It’s nice to know I have a child to help me at times, some don’t. Well I’m pleased my phone is back on Okay kay kay…


MY CELL PHONE IS OFF !!!!! Yeah so I woke up , PRAISES PRAISES, and my cell phone was off. Okay kay kay , well good thing I have a home phone. So, I have the home phone so I can find my cell phone, Okay kay kay !!!So now it has truly come in handy. So, I’m sittin’ here working but chillin’ nicely. Got my oh yeah yeah yeah, my music,right now Jamie Foxx is talking to me, Okay kay kay…lol I’m up listing some items on line, and thinking about my amazing life. Yeah, I can’t pay my cell phone bill, but, that’s Okay kay kay, because I’m up happy and healthy. Everything will work itself out. So today I have a lot to do and I’m getting started early. Have a great day…Okay kay kay!


sO, i GET UP THIS MORNING AT 4 AM, DIDN’T ….OH SHIT, I LEFT the cap lock on…ok, so i get up super early , and I’m like , “Earl, what the are you doing up so early…..get it???? Hence “””EARL”””as in too damn early, shit it was funny at the time….Ok, so yeah, I’m up, made coffee, fed the animals, yes I said ”’ANIMALS”’, later, meaning that’s when we will bring that subject back up…..Ok, yeah, so I’m up all ” Bitch on defense” so I do my little chores. Oh, yeah, so you thought I did this all Lottie dah , hell NO! I’m high ……Oh, yeah, so I left out the part where I grind down the????????let’s call it “pepper”, Oh, yeah, so I grind down the “pepper” ,, Oh, yeah, so they say it’s good for you ….My water is boiling, speaking of water boiling I just watched a YouTube video on how to make pepper oil and you boil it in water, see how my mind just goes….LMAO… Oh, yeah , so I grind the pepper in order to add it to the lovely prepared placement i have waiting for it. Oh, yeah, so it’s a completely adorn combination, indeed Ole Chap…..LLLLMMMAAAOOO…but, yeah so that’s the start of my day . I’m also selling off my sneakers, in which “I MUST BE HIGH” but yeah, I have too much excess,, gotta go. PLUS, I’M BROKE….LMAO…………KEEP IT TIGHT!!!


OCTOBER 9, 2018 & September 11, 2019

OK, This is another blog series I’m starting today because now I have to be accountable in keeping up with this. So, anyone out there fighting the EXTRA WEIGHT that you did not invite to chill in and on your being, then this is for you, and all the rest of you that got it all together, this is for you TOO, lol. I need to know if you’ve seen this and please leave me a comment below to let me know what’s going on in your life right now. Because whatever it i, someone else is either going through it right now, as you, or, someones been through it . So please share!!!9/11/2019, I put that there because although I wrote this last year, as I’m typing it I have added to it. Now let me get back at it. OK, today, well last night like many other nights I told myself, ” SELF,your going to get up at 5 am and go to the gym, so I set my alarm for 5 am. I went to bed and woke up to use the bathroom, got back to the bed and checked my phone for the time, it was 4:55 am, at that moment I realized I’m supposed to get up in 5 minutes, that my alarm is about to go off………..OH, HELL NO,……So you know what I did, I turned off the alarm and laid back down. At that moment the part of me that has logic said, “Your not getting up to do something for someone else, YOUR GETTING UP FOR “””YOU”””” AND NO ONE ELSE, this is all about YOU!!! At that moment I was like , damn, I really need to stop procrastinating and take care of me. See I gained over 40 lbs due to depression. Yeah, I went through down time but I’m good now.So, Don’t talk about if BE about it , Don’t listen to what people say watch what they do!!! Now these are a couple of my life quotes, a few from my dad, that I live by, at least continue to try to, and yet I continue to put off taking care of me….HOW CRAZY IS THAT???? So, this morning I got up at 5 am and went to the gym and worked out for 50 minutes, now I told myself that I was going to work out for an hour BUT when we got to 50 minutes, my body was like “Okay you know it’s been a while since we’ve done this. “Girl we did good for our first day so let’s go”, So I came home.I am really proud of myself for starting this weight loss journey,,,Now you see the date I wrote this right, well let’s just act as if I typed it today, OK , good because I don’t remember how that went then, I do know I’m a bit heavier now, soooooooooo, SO, I will be back tomorrow to do a check in on this thang, this weight loss thagy. I would really like to know if anyone is in a similar situation