So yeah, I must go pay my storage bill today before I get a late fee. Why do I even have storage???? Girl, you know why…..you have too much stuff!!! OK, so I’ve been working on not having too much stuff for a while, but how about….we just leave it at that and not define or start dissecting the “a while” in this story, LOL … OK…ok…So yeah, I’m working on me, ALWAYS, should one ever stop? I don’t think so but again this is just my big amazing opinion. So this morning was the first morning of a new “first thing in the morning” routine. So far I’m on a roll, and that feels good. I have a little handicap when it comes to consistency, and I don’t know why. Well I sort of know why but I’m not claiming this anymore but I had a touch of “talking myself into some bullshit” So we can call it “TMISB” So,, if these symptoms look familiar , if you’ve seen them in yourself, a friend or loved one take action immediately, if I knew what came after that, this damn blog site would be getting paid…..LOL…..but seriously, I’m working on it everyday!


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