Good Morning All….

This is a lovely Sunday morning, and I’m still deciding if I’m going to go to church or not. I do enjoy the services, and I DO LOVE MY MAKER but ……OPPS……YOU CAN’T SAY “BUT” AFTER “I DO LOVE MY MAKER”, well you shouldn’t, I guess….my but has nothing to do with my LOVE and constant admiration for my maker. The infamous “BUT” is about going to church. I’m sitting saying…UH OH< YOU BETTER NOT COMPLETE THAT THOUGHT …Well I just don’t believe how much you go to church has ANYTHING to do with your FAITH. I’m going to leave that right where it is, I’M CRAZY BUT I AM NOT INSANE!!!!! (Dad are you smiling yet!) Anywho, for now on to acknowledge my accountability I will use the day as my titles, I realize it makes it look more like a diary, hey, you know what that’s exactly what this blog is for me,huh, it is exactly that, so dating it will keep me on top of things a lot better. I’m hoping so, but hey, if that’s what works I’m going for it ! I am having a very productive Sunday morning, it’s 8:17 am and I’ve been to Walmart mopped my house and fed the stay cat…LOL….SERIOUSLY! How about my spell check had a red line under the word “walmart”, it wasn’t spelled incorrectly, It wanted the W capitalized. So, I’m looking at where the word is and thinking ” I didn’t end the sentence” lol …I’m just talking about walmart, not God!!!! OPPS There I go again………….. So I just wanted to say to you as well as myself…HAVE A KICK ASS DAY!

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