Good Day my friend,so my arm hurts non stop, wait….I did inform you that I broke my arm????Ok if i didn’t….I broke my arm…lol…I stayed in , and did ……not much. But in that stagnate moment I was able to really look at my life. I figured out that I don’t like where I am either. Okay, so I have this 6 month plan and I AM SO EXITED to be able to watch it happen right in front of me. I think a lot, do you think a lot, I think about how great my life would have been if I only never try It. I should have taken heed to what my father told me. I am an only child and was so excited every summer to see her and my grandparents. She was and is the closet thing I have to a sibling. This story will be in my life story here on my blog called “I CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP”, so check that series out. Thanks for listening !



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