So, I’m sitting here telling myself you need to post, to be consistent. So here I am posting and I don’t really have anything on me at the moment. I did start a new schedule last night. I’m taking on a task and before I speak on it I want it to be stable first. Well I’m feeling a bit better. I did mention that I broke my shoulder. Well sleeping is the most difficult task to accomplish these days. Trying to get in some kind of comfort giving position is close, closer, closest to impossible. I take something to help me fall asleep but that back fires most times because most thing effect me opposite of how it’s supposed to work. Yeah, you guessed it I have that wonderful energy driven, get on most folks nerves, get’s on my nerves affliction ADHD., this is why this blog is so important to and for me, for other me’s out here in this very selfish world, this unpredictable, this world that tries to make someone with a disability fell less than. We could never be less than , we could never front, because this is who we are, we will never stop being unique, so unique and brilliant than most could never comprehend what we deal with just to deal. You have to be amazingly unique, creative and brilliant to tame these disability demons. Always feeling out of place , feeling out of place in you own skin. Having so much on in your mind and thinking about nothing. Well, this is how I feel sometimes. But back to the point, I would love to be read by everyone, and folks identifying with what I’m talking about. Be Back…..BE AMAZING !!!


YES YES YES ! So this is what I am currently focusing on, believing in myself, to stop pushing my ideas aside because i feel there is nobody to help me, to show me how to properly us this gift. THIS GIFT——-We all have gifts, I think so anyway, how there used is a whole other topic of discussion. Now, hopefully in your life time you acknowledge them, can you believe that some people go their whole lives never even realizing their gift. Some ignore it, some embrace it, some are afraid of it, some hold on to it for dear life, some abuse it, some pimp it out, and some use it to entice others. I’ve probably have use almost all of those in my life. See my life was not bad, but it wasn’t great either. At this point in my life at the age of 53 I’m am reinventing myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE myself , it’s just there are A LOT of thing about me, my way, my actions, the way I talk, the way I walk, my posture, that I would love to address, that I am addressing. Just the way I carry myself and respond to stuff. I know it looks like a lot, and it is, but it won’t be work it will be a natural transition. She believed she could, that’s the serious part. You must believe in YOU…F F F what anyone else thinks because at the end of the day, guess who’s there…YOU! See my transition is happening because I WANT IT TO. These are things I want to adjust. See I LOVE ME SOME ME—–but there are things that need an adjustment, some major some minor and some we are just going keep it like it T I is. I’m sort of in the COULD AND SHE DID..part of this powerful statement. I’m doing while the adjustment is taking place. I really hope you enjoy my post . Because it’s the core of me. I don’t have to be careful of what I need to say because this is my spot. : )


It is 3 ;29, no It is 3:30 am and I’m up. I got a lot done today. My arm still hurts, i have to go up to the hospital Monday morning and get a copy of my XRAY. Also, a copy of the written report. So I start my job Monday, I’m really hoping my arm isn’t that bad by then because even though it’s broken in 3 places I must work. You see, I have a 6 month plan and I plan on hitting my mark. Well, it’s late and now I’m tired…Good Night


Thanks for listening !!!



Good Day my friend,so my arm hurts non stop, wait….I did inform you that I broke my arm????Ok if i didn’t….I broke my arm…lol…I stayed in , and did ……not much. But in that stagnate moment I was able to really look at my life. I figured out that I don’t like where I am either. Okay, so I have this 6 month plan and I AM SO EXITED to be able to watch it happen right in front of me. I think a lot, do you think a lot, I think about how great my life would have been if I only never try It. I should have taken heed to what my father told me. I am an only child and was so excited every summer to see her and my grandparents. She was and is the closet thing I have to a sibling. This story will be in my life story here on my blog called “I CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP”, so check that series out. Thanks for listening !




Good Morning……I broke my right shoulder yesterday ! The pain was not explainable. I slipped and tried to break my fall and my arm went the wrong way. I have to use my left hand to type and do everything else. Just wanted to update you. Have a Stress Free Day!


Good Morning All….

This is a lovely Sunday morning, and I’m still deciding if I’m going to go to church or not. I do enjoy the services, and I DO LOVE MY MAKER but ……OPPS……YOU CAN’T SAY “BUT” AFTER “I DO LOVE MY MAKER”, well you shouldn’t, I guess….my but has nothing to do with my LOVE and constant admiration for my maker. The infamous “BUT” is about going to church. I’m sitting saying…UH OH< YOU BETTER NOT COMPLETE THAT THOUGHT …Well I just don’t believe how much you go to church has ANYTHING to do with your FAITH. I’m going to leave that right where it is, I’M CRAZY BUT I AM NOT INSANE!!!!! (Dad are you smiling yet!) Anywho, for now on to acknowledge my accountability I will use the day as my titles, I realize it makes it look more like a diary, hey, you know what that’s exactly what this blog is for me,huh, it is exactly that, so dating it will keep me on top of things a lot better. I’m hoping so, but hey, if that’s what works I’m going for it ! I am having a very productive Sunday morning, it’s 8:17 am and I’ve been to Walmart mopped my house and fed the stay cat…LOL….SERIOUSLY! How about my spell check had a red line under the word “walmart”, it wasn’t spelled incorrectly, It wanted the W capitalized. So, I’m looking at where the word is and thinking ” I didn’t end the sentence” lol …I’m just talking about walmart, not God!!!! OPPS There I go again………….. So I just wanted to say to you as well as myself…HAVE A KICK ASS DAY!