Just Needed to Say HELLO…..

HELLO…Well i drove out to Georgia last night to help a friend celebrate their birthday and we are going to the aquarium in Atlanta today. It should be amazing…never been….trying to do some new shit….For instance, like….getting out of the house. So….here i am actually wishing i was home. Not because I’m not excited to be here, Im just so used to being there, in my own space, i miss my babies( my 3 doggies)…Well i will be back….


Hey I’m back, So about all of us being hunters is so true, just think about it….OH….YOU BE HUNTIN’……LOL….hunters of LOVE, JOY,PEACE,UNDERSTANDING,RESPECT…..Hunt for the one who really gets you, needs you, wants you…..Hunting for that feeling of ” I’m so fuckin’ happy”, that feeling of you can’t wait to get home to be with your people. It’s a lot different than the feeling of trying to stay out as long and late as possible to avoid your people….Well I’m looking for, or should I say waiting for that other half of me to present themselves, because I know your out there. Out there just waiting for this, loving, spontaneous, amazingly crazy, fun, exciting , (understanding and a lot more), wonderful woman to enhance your life. I’m sure their out there, because just as God made Eve for Adam, God made Lisa for _____________________. So I’ve met one person , well know someone for , well since I was 8 and we’d find one another and then lose contact and after damn near 30 years we are back in contact. See I knew years ago that he was it but I wasn’t ready, but I am now. God is AMAZING! ……NEVER DOUBT THAT! Well what are you hunting for? Whatever it is tell me about it in the comment section, I’d love to hear you.

BE AMAZING…………………………..JAGGY…..that’s me! : )


Hello, So I was thinking about this fact…. we are all hunters…..Hunters of…….. somewhere , something, someone………or hunting for answers to deep seeded questions or just hunting …..just because. So we hunt,…. find or fail, we continue. Because there are so many unanswered questions, so many “that shit don’t make sense”&”gotta get the truth” urges. SO MANY, SO MANY, SO MANY…..questions to ask, answers needed,validation needed(something you should never need from anyone to feel whole, to feel anything(GOD GIVES YOU THAT)) “VALIDATE YOURSELF” You don’t need anyone to make you feel worthy. Honestly, if you can’t feel worthy for yourself, to yourself, then how in the fuck are you going to be worthy to anyone else, for anyone else……IF YOU FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON FIND IT EASY TO BE WORTHY TO OTHERS BEFORE YOURSELF……THIS IS WHAT I NEED YOU TO DO , LIKE RIGHT NOW, ……GET THE FUCK OFF THE SITE AND GOOGLE A THERAPIST….NOW!!!!! NOOOOO, BETTER YET…..PRAY ON THAT THING!!! PRAY FOR UNDERSTANDING OF SELF….. Don’t get me wrong , I know it’s great to do for others, be there for others etc. Give something to someone you actually wanted to keep or buy for yourself but you put their needs and/or feelings before yourself and that is being amazing, but if you aren’t taking care of you then you won’t be around for others. People need to see that confidence, self validation from you in order to believe it. We do not believe people because of what they say, we believe people on how it made us feel. So in order to get a point across completely you must believe it……..Or at least believe you believe it….All i’m saying is taking care of you makes it so much more possible to help and take care of others. I’ll be back, just continue to…… BE AMAZING!


I’M TALKING ABOUT BREAST CANCER!!! Something I have FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE OF…… So i just asked if BC had a gender what would it be and why????? .Like one of those damn test questions. Please use complete sentences…LOL Well see now this has me thinking, because I’ve had first hand experience with Mr.or Mrs. BC. I think it’s female first of all because men are not going to mess with them. He may mess with them in a way that he pays for an enlargement but he’s not going hurt them. He may even be an “ass” man but he is not going to hurt the bouncin’ boobs. See although he may be that ass man it’s the boobs that let him know he’s slamin’ it from the jerk of the boob, how big or small the boobs jump gives him that “oh yeah i’m all up in this” . They depend on the boobs because they know we lie, those moans may mean a little but the boob jump confirms it all, for them anyway. Because, just cause you hitting it hard and fast does not mean we like it, remember, slow and steady wins the race. Anywho, back to the boobs and why i think if it had a gender it’d be male. Also, men love the look of a woman’s body, the way both, the boobs and ass protrude in our garments. The way that deep cleavage make that dress sit right. The way it all comes together. But what he doesn’t know is in the summer, shit anytime, how hot we get holding those babies up in a bra. How, for some, heavy they can get and how HARD it is to find the perfect bra. Because if your large and don’t use the correct support, those large up high lovelies will become waist walkers, Ok…………. I’m going to continue this subject later….BE AMAZING!

Sorry I Skipped Friday

Okay…so i went out of town to spend time with family and friends. Had a nice time but a 4 hour drive there and 4 hours back. I just put in a slammin’ cd and HIT IT! I am currently at the flea market tryin to make some change. I sell headbands & lanyards. Gucci Supreme Channel etc. Orangeburg SC…..So I am really trying to find my place with someone ready to take over the world…lol..meaning just ready to hustle together through anything.


Good afternoon, today I am talking about men. Men and their untruths’…So I met someone and it was nice . Went out on a few little dates and then we got to know one another for a minute. That too was good. Talk every now and then…mostly text messages. OK, he;s a busy man so i was cool with that form of communication…for a minute…..See you once a week, guess that was my day and I say this because that what it felt like.I pay very close attention to what my guide tells me,I may not listen all then time , but it’s there. That feeling of “OH SHIT” why am I doing this, or I should have listened to my inner self …. That scene of….. knowing before hand feeling…..Just that feeling of you shouldn’t….. and you go ahead and ignore your God self inside you. Why do we continue to do that….don’t even act like you don’t know what I’m talking about …..cause as soon as you go against it …you know… you know damn well you shouldn’t be in the situation your in had you listened to your God self. I just lost my train of thought, hold on, I’ll be right back…..Okay, I’m good……So back to me,,,lol,,,met an amazingish (NEW WORD) guy , was feeling him, common interest and all that. But when I call you at 4 pm on Wednesday and get no response to calls nor text messages… finely get you on the phone Thursday at 11:00 am and he’s talking like all is mother fucking well…NO NO NO ….I’m feeling some type of way right now. i’ll kick it with you later or in the morning. and you know what to do……….. :BE AMAZING!


Good Morning….First off remember today and everyday to be AMAZING. I don’t care what type of life your living, how little or how much you have, and if your having a fucked up day…just BE AMAZING….it will change your life because no matter how awful you feel, how awful you allowed someone else to make you feel(because no one can make you feel anything , no one is in control of you but you…remember this!) YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO GO THERE, IN GREAT AND NOT SO GREAT EVENTS …. LOVE, ANGRY, RAGE,EXCITEMENT ETC….Okay, just wanted to share that bit of wisdom.

So about the title….lmao….Dealing with a drought of any kind is nerve racking, but my drought is a first for me….i ran out of broccoli, for real, shit i eat my veggies E V E R Y D A Y …..thank goodness i save my stalks….for the first time in forever i had to eat the stalks. Now….the stalks are the shit when that’s all you have. So yeah, that held me until this morning and that’s where it got tricky. Didn’t have my piece of broccoli sitting by the bed this morning….DAMN…. sometimes I don’t even want it but knowing it’s there makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. So what did I do….REALLY… you already know…I went mutha fucking grocery shopping to the farmers market. Had to get through 4 vendors…3 in one place ….before I got the broccoli. “I’M GOOD GOOD NOW! I think I am, I haven’t tried it yet so I may not be good… We will do a follow up later today just to confirm or deny.

So….some other shit, actually I sitting here trying to figure out why I added that in the title cause all I remember I was about to talk about was my lack of problem. I’ll be back, I’m gonna go ahead and try this , eat something and i will return.

Good Morning 06/11/2019

Good Morning & Blessings to you all and all those you love and care about. I hope you remind them how much you do. Later, tomorrow, tonight, the next minute is not guaranteed, so don’t put it off, and PLEASE DO NOT SEND A TEXT. Call and hear their voice and allow them to hear yours. What happened to the days when you received cards in the mail, letters, invites etc.???? And fuck that “times have changed” bullshit, taking time out of your oh so busy day to buy card, write your feeling inside, put it in an envelope, address it, stick a stamp on it………..OH NO, do you still know where to purchase a stamp????? Oh yeah that’s right….who has time to run to the Post Office?????? I know who>>>>>YOUR AZZZZZ! Don’t you even remember how excited you got to receive mail from a loved one????? As a child, kid, teen, shit even as an adult. Shit……do you have someone in your family or close friend that’s locked up.?..Okay we bout to warp into a whole other dimension now on the mail tip. When your locked up ( I know all about this) mail is like the free government cheese line, like waiting for your winning lottery numbers to be called, shit it’s like KNOWING SOMEONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU……THAT’S WHAT IT’S REALLY LIKE!!! accepting a collect call, puttin’ money on the books, all that’s find and mutha’ fuckin dandy, really. But something about getting mail…IS THE SHIT!!!! All those other things mean so much but to know someone took the time to sit their ass down and write you…YOU DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND! When your cut off from the world, IT’S EVERYTHING! So Good Morning …get your day going….do something nice for a stranger…hug a tree. shit…hug yourself….BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT YOUR GOING THROUGH..IT WILL GET BETTER…BELIEVE THIS AND IT WILL BE SO!!!

Damn, I feel like I’m gonna POP, I have so much to talk about, so much to share and hopefully you will share back, relate, inspire and always be FUCKIN’ AMAZING!


I feel in limbo at the moment. Like i just don’t know. I went through something this morning that really tore at my soul. I have messed up almost my entire life and now that i have found me, the me that’s been lerkin’ behind every corner, scared,hiding, sitting in the corner of the closet, always afraid to come out, has emerged, stretched out from being crouched down for for too long, walking around stretching my legs, bending my arms, my back, touching my toes and finally standing up. ME, yeah standing up, my knees hurt but DAMN it feels sooooo good to finally stand, to stand up, up tall. I am now tall enough to look into the mirror, not afraid, ME the little girl who lost EVERYTHING at the age of seven, me, me ,me. Not only can I stand , I can speak, I have a voice….Mama, can you hear me????? I finally found something that I am passionate about. My post, that’s ALL ME. The segments that I’m doing about my life, that’s me too …..but the way I choose to write it is just that…… ” The way I choose to write it!”…. I want to talk about how parents MUST be mindful of what they say and don’t say to their children, how they say it & what they do around them etc….. Kids are WE in adult suits,….. you can be the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, but inside that kid that didn’t get those necessary hugs, kisses and attention from their mother because she was busy trying to heal herself mentally and physically from the beatings your father was giving her, still yearns for the love of a mother, still yearns for those hugs and those…” Baby I’m so proud of you’s”……..yearning for it like a dope fiend yearns for their next fix.