So here I am nobody you know wanting you to read about what I think, feel, have experienced. Well yes I do because I feel there is something I have to say that you can really relate to, identify with in some way. I promise this: That everything I write about is going to be either a real experience I've had, something I'm thinking, feeling, or just something I might want to get your opinion about, but all TRUTH.

I have had so many chances at wonderful opportunities and missed them by fault of my own. But when God gave me this opportunity I grabbed it with both hands. I have, we have so much bottled up inside, afraid if someone knew how we really felt the acceptance would dissolve like an alka-seltzer pill in a glass of water. I am trying to have a place that we can chat about real shit, our shit, how we really feel. So please leave me your thought about this, how you think we can make this a place someone like you would want to hit up. I'll be back...…

About Message

So I woke up this morning wanting to post but the site is being fixed because I did not have a clue as to what I was doing. I decided to write the "About Us' section and email it to myself . Now this isn't the way my post work normally, My post are posted right after I type them, straight off the brain because that is what this site is all about to be able to be real with no auto correct ( spell check is ok, lol) because that's the problem, folks don't think people who feel, act, think or behave like us is "Correct" . It's not correct to be honest and say what you "REALLY" think and not say what we know you want to hear, it is not correct to honestly talk about what goes on in our minds, No Oh NO, you can't do that because then you'll embarrass your family & friends.For me just talking to a therapist or counselor behind a close door or even my parents just isn't enough to make me feel some kind of whole. This site is for whoever feels as I do. This platform is for you to let it out knowing the world will see your truth. Please be respectful in language is all I ask.


So there you have it , that's what this is about . Now I realize that normally an "About Us" section is supposed to speak a bit about the person behind the site but I don't need to do that because your going to know me better than most as you read my post, and I cannot wait to get to know you all as well because I cannot be alone, please show me that I'm not, I am crying right now because I do feel so alone..


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